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The Velvet moisturizing hand cream is designed to moisturize your hands without having them excessively oily throughout the day.

In fact it is formulated to have a rapid absorption.

Inside, shea butter, moisturizing and emollient and sal butter, a cure-all for micro circulation. Extremely nourishing and softening olive oil.

The eye contour Relax is particularly suitable for relaxing expression wrinkles, we prepared it with specific oils and butters for the eye contour and enriched with hyaluronic acid to relax and relax the skin. Its floral/sweet aroma and its delicate texture make the preparation a delight for the senses.

INCI Eye Contour: aqua, oryza sativa, glyceryl stearate citrate, sucrose stearate, polyglyceryl-4-cocoate, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, theobroma cacao seed butter, xanthan gum, benzyl alcohol, tocopherol, parfum*, sodium hyaluronate, linalol, limonene, eugenol, geraniol, citral.

*mixture of natural substances on an oily base

INCI Hand Cream: Aqua, butyrospermum parkii, shorea robusta, olea europea, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, parfum, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, tocopherol.

3 in stock

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Kit Venere – Silver

Venere Silver kit contains the Velvet hand cream and the Relax eye contour.

Relax after a long day of work with the natural eye contour Relax. It contains hyaluronic acid, a substance normally produced by our body that nevertheless, over the years, tends to decrease. For this reason, it is important that it is supplied in such a way as to have an enviable eye area all around!

It is also important to provide good hydration to the hands since, especially in winter, they tend to suffer sudden drops in temperature: after becoming immediately dry, tendency is for small painful lacerations to form. To avoid this, you should keep them well nourished. Try our Velvet hand cream, made with shea butter, salt butter and olive oil: it won’t let your hands dry out excessively, keeping them soft for a long time. The Velvet hand cream is also quickly absorbed to avoid that oily, annoying sensation during the day.

Try the Venere – Silver kit to immediately benefit from two Swiss natural products produced in Ticino.

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