In this article we deepen shea butter, its cosmetic properties and other curiosities!

Its name in INCI is butyrospermum parkii butter

Shea butter and its cosmetic properties – Origin of this special butter

The butter is prepared from shea nuts. The latter are dropped from the tree precisely to increase the yield of butter, being very mature. They are then dried so that it is easier to remove the shell.

Once removed, the interior is dried again, to minimize moisture, then is ground. By boiling this part you get the separation of the fat phase. This first fat part obtained is not stable and is easily rancid, in fact it is not very available.

To obtain the shea butter we usually use, a filtration is carried out with a cloth. Thanks to this technique, it does not lose its properties, so you get the raw product.


Shea butter is mainly composed of triglycerides with the following concentration of fatty acids (here we see the most present ones):

  • stearic acid (22,5-50,2%): gives a velvety sensation on the skin
  • oleic acid (39.3-68.0%): emollient and moisturizing properties
  • palmitic acid (3,2-12,1%): skin softener

Its cosmetic properties

It is very used in cosmetics as it is an excellent emollient, soothing and moisturizing. I use it in different preparation as hand cream where I am interested in having a quick absorption of the cream to avoid uncomfortable greasiness.

It is also a real cure-all for damaged hair and to protect the lips from the winter cold.

In this article we talked about shea butter and its cosmetic properties, its origin and composition. I hope you found this insight interesting and that it helped you get rich.

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