Useful tips for your skincare during the winter

Here a Tips for winter skincare, good reading!

With low temperatures, skin hydration levels drop. It is therefore necessary to create a good beauty routine to avoid excessive dryness and then feel the skin “pull”.

Contrary to what many people think, performing a good exfoliation through a scrub is always a good practice, as we go to remove dead cells by regenerating the skin and giving radiance to the complexion. Usually run 1-2 times a week. The scent of lime essential oil of the Venere scrub, leaves me fresh and clean. It also contains shea butter, ideal to use in winter for its nutritional properties. Always avoid the eye contour area

Speaking of eye contour! A good moisturizing active ingredient to use in winter is hyaluronic acid, contained in the eye contour Venere. It gives back volume to the skin in depth while the superficial layers will appear softer and more elastic.

In the morning it is a good habit to clean the face with a cleansing milk and then apply a good day cream. The day cream Lux Venere. It is rich in oils and shea butter particularly useful in winter. It contains a high concentration of Argan oil, suitable in every season with countless properties, known as “desert gold”, is great for protecting the skin from the wind and to protect it from the action of the climate.

Let’s now think of the body, ideal for particularly dry skins, coconut cuddles! A gentle exfoliation, after a cold winter day, in a hot shower. The aromas of coconut and cocoa will pamper you before you lie down. . The action of coconut butter and cocoa will act very well as strong moisturizers and will avoid dehydration of the skin throughout the body.

In winter also the hands are so affected by the dryness of the climate. Outside the cold, inside the radiators, in short, if we do not pay attention the hands could really go very badly. Un mix esplosivo di burri e olio di oliva. Decide to take care of it daily, always bringing with you the Velvet hand cream! An explosive mix of butter and olive oil. A harmonious scent with orange blossom, sweet and persuasive, to make you face every moment of the day. I myself do not do without it and the health of the hands thanks.

In the evening I really like to go to sleep with the scent of Sahara face cream. Definitely an elixir of the desert on the skin. Slightly richer than day cream in terms of fat phase. Contains a high concentration of jojoba oil, ideal for all skin types and sebum-normalizing action.

It also contains the precious avocado oil, rich in phytosterols, anti-oxidant substances, phytoprotective and anti-inflammatory. Ideal for more mature skins.

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