I am Roberta Bionda and in 2014 I graduated as a workshop in chemistry. I chose chemistry from a very young age, I was twelve years old when I decided that I wanted to work in this field and since that day I never changed my mind!

I had several work experiences in the chemical industry, when it was time for me to build something of my own, I never thought to create a brand of cosmetics and instead…I did!

I started to try emulsions, I find it very relaxing. It worked wonderfully, I liked what I created more and more and so, with great courage, February 18, 2020 Venus comes to life.

Today the brand is constantly growing, I’m still young and I certainly still have a lot to learn, but I have clear ideas, I’m proud of what I built and I learned that sometimes in life it is in the worst moments that you create the most beautiful things!